How we work

Each project and assignment is unique. However, something all of our projects and engagements do have in common, is the emphasis we place on defining a crystal clear picture of the outcome our work will achieve for our clients. Only with a clearly defined vision and derived goals can the resources and energy efficiently and effectively be focused and utilized. 
We understand and respect that our clients’ time and money are highly valuable, and we make very effective use of them. Together with our clients we regularly measure our coaching process or project performance against the defined goals and desired outcome and appropriately adjust our actions if needed.
We clearly distinguish between coaching and consulting our clients. In a coaching partnership, we support and challenge our clients on a one to one basis, with a focus on guiding them expertly through their personal resources to hone in on maximizing their strengths and talents. We empower and equip the client to find his or her own personal solutions, and engage them in making that solution a reality. We explore, encourage and hold them accountable to fully taking ownership of reaching their personal best. We take their personal strengths, values, purpose and potential seriously, and we remain dedicated to helping them capitalize on them accordingly, whether CEO of a large organization, small business owner, a dedicated mother, or anyone along the spectrum.
In a consulting engagement, we are just as dedicated to our clients’ success, yet we add specific knowledge and straightforward advice to the mix. Through our business expertise and experience, we bring a fresh, outside perspective, and we clearly recommend specific solutions and also offer implementation of those solutions. On occasion we even temporarily fill clearly defined roles within a client’s organization. We assess the current situation and give sound, specific advice where appropriate to accomplish your goals. We are dedicated to searching out the true problem so that it can be addressed and solved. Oftentimes we discover that an unexpected issue needs addressing, than what was initially assumed, to achieve sustained improvement or performance, and we are very forthcoming with our opinion and recommended solutions. 
For many clients coaching and consulting go hand in hand. Oftentimes action steps that result from a coaching relationship, such as establishing a new strategy or conducting a change management project, are situations that we then also support as consultants. And implementing change within an organization succeeds far better, more quickly and more  effectively by supporting the leadership team and key stakeholders through coaching.

We value an open and thought provoking exchange with our clients. We challenge and encourage our clients, make limiting beliefs transparent, ask powerful questions and hold our clients accountable for all agreed action steps.
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