The Name

When the two of us decided to bring our experiences and expertise together and to found our business, we wanted a name that truly represented what we believe in giving to our clients and our community. 
The principle of sowing and reaping is one that is universal and is present in all we see and do. If we will only reflect long enough and explore wide enough, it is easy to link the eventual harvest to the seeds that were sown. In everything we reap what we sow. 
In business and in life, no matter what seeds you sow, you will reap the according harvest. If for example, as a leader you want to reap employees that act according to certain values, you must sow the seeds of those values. If you want a particular business outcome, you must sow the seeds that will produce that outcome. Sometimes it is only after the harvest has been reaped that we realize what seeds we have sown. For this reason it is critical to understand what harvest, or harvests, you want to reap so that you can intentionally choose the appropriate seeds to sow. It applies to everything. 
As your coaches and consultants, we are dedicated to understanding the proverbial harvest you want to reap and will support you in choosing and planting the appropriate seeds. 

How We Work
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