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Being deeply connected to your customers, their expectations and their experiences with your products and services is one of the real success factors for businesses today. Active management of social media and collecting ratings and reviews from customers is just one possibility to get feedback. Engaging with key customers and influencers on a deeper level gives many leading companies the competitive advantage to stay on top of the market.

Customer Advisory Boards are a very cost-effective way to stay connected with your market, get impulses for product innovations, earn new revenue streams and outpace your competition. A Customer Advisory Board consists of about 10 – 12 top customers (For example -  a Senior Executive who is responsible for the division that uses your product or service the most) who meet once or twice per year. The main goal is to deepen the relationship, get honest and qualified feedback on your product or service, share your plans about product development while providing a platform for your customers to exchange ideas.

Establish Customer Advisory Boards

We help our clients to plan and prepare their Customer Advisory Boards, and in many cases we even facilitate and moderate the actual meetings so our clients can concentrate on listening to their customers.

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