Having a clear picture of the company’s future and implementing an effective action plan to get there is a key success factor for high-performing companies. An effective strategy clearly describes what the company will look like in three to five years while outlining the necessary actions to get there.

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In order to become and consistently stay successful in the dynamic marketplace, companies need to have a well-defined strategy that describes where the company wants to be in three to five years from now and how it intends to get there. 

A solid strategy should include:

  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Defined target groups
  • Values
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Employee capabilities
  • Vendors and partner relationships 
  • A process for monitoring opportunities and threats
Strategy Health Check

Are you unsure if your company really has a strategy or if your strategy is addressing the challenges and is capable of bringing your company to the next level?

Our complementary Strategy Health Check will explore how well your company is prepared to master known and unknown challenges and if your implemented action plan is designed to reach your company’s full potential.


Data Gathering

All businesses are unique. To ensure a tailored approach that takes the specific situation into consideration, we put emphasis on gathering relevant data about the company, market and other specific factors.


Current Situation Description

Based on the data we collected in step one,  we describe and present the current situation to stakeholders with an emphasis on areas that need attention.


Create Future Picture

We create and describe an ideal situation for the client based in three to five years from now. This might include one to three feedback loops with the client to adjust the future goal as needed.


Action Plan

We develop a plan to get the client to the future goal we established by providing
specific actions with clear goals, milestones, key performance indicators and responsibilities.



We support the client to initiate the necessary organizational changes, train and enable employees, hold key players accountable, set up monitoring system and adjust actions as needed.

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We will meet with the company’s CEO or owners to gather all relevant information and provide recommendations for improvement.